An Ox With a Plow

How did I get here? I have often asked myself that question as I have gone about my adult life. Twists and turns based on seemingly small decisions have laid the groundwork for my life as it stands now and what lies ahead. While I know it’s not helpful to look into the past and think about what would have happened if I had gone another way, I do it anyway. I wonder if I am working fast enough or hard enough. And I always wonder if I am making the right choices.  

I uprooted my life several times over the past few years, never knowing where it would lead. I traveled and worked in the Netherlands, India, Honduras, and now I find myself back in the states pulling all of my experiences together working in the field of global education. But it's not enough. When you are in this work, it's never enough. Not enough time, not enough hours. Not enough progress. So this blog was born, and after many hours and months worrying about what it was going to be, here it is. I'm relinquishing it to the stories of those who inspire me and who I know will inspire you.

It is my hope that this website becomes a place to not only share stories but to find like-minded collaborators to put those stories into action in classrooms all over the world. 

So here we are starting this new JRNEY together to help as many kids as possible have access to the best education possible. It’s an enormous thing to think about, but we'll start with one step. Then we'll take another and another after that. It's a path that will be carved slowly like an ox with a plow. Slow, but strong.

Thank you for sharing the JRNEY!