Self-Awareness and Being an Edupreneur

Recently, I was invited to be interviewed for a podcast. I was so honored to be contacted through Twitter and be asked to share my story. It’s something I do to people all the time, invite them to tell their stories. I accepted the invitation right away and set a date for the interview. But then I started thinking about it. While I had been interviewed before, I began to get nervous. This one felt different. This one was personal. This one was about my journey as an “edupreneur.” Is that what I am? I hadn’t really thought of myself that way except on my tax return last year.

But here I was with a list of questions about how I got to where I am now. Where is that exactly?

Self-reflection has become a big part of my life over the past few years, so this podcast interview presented another opportunity to take stock of my current reality and think about why someone would be interested in my story.

I prepared, but I didn’t feel prepared. I was nervous. As soon as I started talking though, I settled in like I always do in these anxiety-inducing situations that I continue to put myself through.

I went into a zone. I felt like myself. And then it was over.

The podcast went live the following Monday, and I shared it; tagged a few people on Twitter. I didn’t listen to it. I couldn’t. I asked others to listen for me and make sure I didn’t make a fool of myself. A couple of weeks went by. I just couldn’t bring myself to do it. I cringed at the thought of hearing my voice talk about all that personal stuff. Was I really the person on the podcast? Was I being my authentic self? Imposter syndrome is real!

But I decided to listen, and what I realized is that I have come a long way. I could hear the passion in my voice, and I sounded happy. One of the things I mentioned in the interview was that I measure success by how I’m feeling when my life feels aligned. Listening to the journey of my past few years made me realize that I’m doing and exactly what I should be doing and I have more balance and self-awareness than I thought.

So I owe Dr. Will a big thank you for that. Sure, he’s bringing to light what it takes to be an “edupreneur” or start a side hustle to pay the bills, but he is also doing something much more important, sharing the stories of people who have found what brings them joy. You can listen to my podcast interview and lots of others on iTunes, Spotify, or on his website:


He’s also been working on a really cool project called The Edupreneur which “is a 2019 documentary film that takes you on a journey into the successes and challenges of the some of the most recognized names in K-12 education consulting. The interviews feature eight edupreneurs discussing their lives and careers as educators and entrepreneurs.” And you’ll be able to check it out on March 15. In the meantime, you can view the trailer here. You can connect with Dr. Will on Twitter @iamDrWill.