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Birth of the Pulse Program By: Peter Hede

Birth of the Pulse Program    By: Peter Hede

Numerous studies have shown that regular physical exercise promotes healthy growth, strong muscles, decreased risk of illness, But in addition to the physical benefits, physical activity helps kids manages stress, make connections to different parts of their brain, and even improves sleep among others. But it's rare that physical activity gets integrated into the school day outside of PE class. Peter Hede saw that as a challenge he wanted to take and began partnering with schools to make it a reality. Here's his story of how the Pulse Program came to be...

#EdPins: Highlighting the Beautiful, Unique Work in Every School By: Dale Plotzki

#EdPins: Highlighting the Beautiful, Unique Work in Every School    By: Dale Plotzki

There are many ways to share a story. Educators from around the world contribute to JRNEY every week. While I'm partial to the written word, often in long form, I'm always excited when I come across innovative ways to share stories using technology. I found that in Dale Plotzki's #EdPins. We live and die by reviews these days, so why not focus on the wonderful, fun, powerful, meaningful, and authentic, projects and learning going on at our schools throughout the world. You don't always have to have a video conference to bring the world into your classroom. Sometimes you do it like this. Here's Dale's story...

Origins of a Jrney

Origins of a Jrney

In the spirit of sharing, and for you to get to know me a bit better, during the month of February, I’m going to share parts of my Jrney with you. I’ve lived a bit of an unconventional adult life, but I am a firm believer that each step along the way has brought me to exactly where I need to be right now.

So I’ll begin with a story about taking risks and pushing the boundaries of what’s possible, share how travel has shaped me into the teacher and person I am, and how powerful student action can be. I’ll also challenge the role of the teacher and share with you one of my most challenging and transformative moments. I encourage you to follow along this month and add your own thoughts and reflections because the only way forward is together.