Articles that make you smarter

These are some of my favorite articles about all sorts of hot topics in education and some old favorites. 


10 Tips for Creating a Fertile Environment for Kids’ Creativity and Growth- design thinking for creativity and some excellent tips to help us remember that creativity doesn’t just happen first in the mind, it can happen first in the hands.

Inquiry and the Research Process- Inquiry and research are not one and the same. This article looks at how to encourage students to drive inquiry in the classroom.  

Global Education

The Anywheres and Somewheres of Global Education reminds us of the critical issue of equity in access to global education around the world.

5 Ways to Innovate Education in Africa applies not just to Africa but to most places around the world. via Devex

How Teens Understand the Nuances of Culture- This Harvard Project Zero study focuses on both the benefits and pitfalls of digital exchange. An important read for all educators. 

Educating for Global Competence 6 Reasons 7 Competencies 8 Strategies 9 Innovations- A great one from the Getting Smart Blog by Tom Vander Ark. This one speaks for itself.

The New Equation for Global Competencies = PBL + SEL- Another good one from Getting Smart

How Making an Impact on the World Motivates Students- Examples of innovative global projects like Koen’s #ClimateAction and the Monument Project.

Equipping Young Leaders to Take on the 32 Most Important Issues of Our Time- Spotlight on the SDGs and some suggestions for how to extend them further.